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  • Tomorrow’s Legends is a unique stallion incentive program offering added money at existing futurities and opens occurring throughout the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Europe.  TL is the first and currently only program to offer payouts internationally.  We are excited to help cultivate, develop, and encourage the barrel racing industry worldwide, fostering international participation in our breeding and incentive programs. 

  • These payouts are offered for a one-time foal enrollment with no additional entry fee required.  The TL Payouts are essentially free money at events competitors are already attending.

  • Unlike other programs, this one-time, $250* fee is not due until foals reach their yearling year! (*If not enrolled in the yearling year, the fee schedule changes, please see rules for details). 

  • TL also offers the breeder 40% of the TL Payout which is the highest in the industry! As breeders ourselves, we are very proud to offer such a lucrative incentive for all breeders. 

  • TL offers a unique opportunity for stallion owners to add visibility, value, and earnings to their offspring with the added possibility of reducing their enrollment fee through increased foal enrollments, another first for our industry.

  • 2021 Inaugural year payout estimated to be over $250,000 to be paid out at (4) $25,000 added US regional futurity events, (4) $25,000 added US regional Open Events, as well a Brazilian, Canadian and European event, exact payouts and number of events to depend on enrollment.  

A rodeo barrel racing horse and contesta
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