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How is this incentive different from other major incentives?

  • We offer Diminishing Stallion Enrollment Fee, making it discounted or even free

  • 40% of payout paid directly to the Breeders (Highest in the industry)

  • Whomever enrolls the foal is recorded as the breeder and receives the TL Breeder Payout

  • TL Payouts are side-potted to existing events, no additional entry fee

  • International Incentive

Is there an entry fee or a stand-alone event for this incentive?

  • No, there are not any additional entry fees beyond your one-time foal enrollment fee.

  • No, there are not any stand-alone events offered.

  • All Payouts are added as side-pots (no additional entry fee) to existing events; futurities and opens.

If a stallion leaves the program will enrolled foals and their breeders still be eligible for payouts?

  • Yes, provided the foal has been been enrolled. Enrollment is based on breeding year.  For example, if a stallion is enrolled in 2025, a breeder books their mare and breeds to said stallion in 2025, resulting in a 2026 foal.  The 2026 foal is able to enroll in TL by March 15, 2027, even if the stallion drops out of the program in 2026.  A foal born in 2027 would not be eligible for the program, (unless documentation is provided that the 2027 resulting foal was originated from a 2025 booking).

Will the number of stallions admitted to the program be limited?

  • At this time, we are not capping stallion enrollments.  Since TL Payouts have a direct correlation to enrollment participation, it is only in the best interest of stallion owners, breeders, and competitors for us to not cap the program.  If in the future we do feel it is in the best interest for the stallions, owners, and breeders enrolled to cap stallion enrollments, we will do so with adequate notice and initiate a waiting list, which will be public. 

Will projected payouts increase over time as foal enrollments increase?

  • YES! As the program grows, the payouts and number of events will increase. In fact, although we are projecting $250,000 in payouts for the year 2021, depending on enrollments the payouts could be much larger than that.

Will more events/sidepots be added?

  • YES! As the program grows and we have a larger amount of money to payout, we will add more sidepots to existing events. 

Is my money going overseas?

  • No! Number of event payouts as well as amount of money for payouts are determined by enrollment participation. For example, all US enrollment fees will be used for US event payouts and all Brazilian enrollment fees will be used to determine Brazilian payout amounts.  

How are the payout percentages determined?

          *Breeder – 40% The highest in the industry!

            *Owner – 40%

            *Stallion – 20%

How much is the foal enrollment fee?

  • $250

How much is the stallion enrollment fee?

  • $2500 – for the first year of enrollment.

  • Diminishing Stallion Enrollment Fee, applies the second year of enrollment and for all subsequent years.  A $50 credit is applied to the Stallion Enrollment Fee for every foal enrollment received over 25 for that particular stallion.  For example, if a stallion has fifty (50)  2021 foal enrollments (based off of 2020 foals), then the stallion will receive a $1250 credit applied to their 2022 enrollment fee. (25 foals * $50 = $1250.)

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