Please use this form to enroll all ages of offspring.

Nominators may use this form to enroll foals online and pay enrollment fees.   Nominator must be the owner of horse at time of nomination.  TL Pays the Nominator 40% of the payout which is the highest in our industry. 

Please make sure that you have your paperwork available to submit, you will need a copy of your foal's papers.

There is a processing fee for credit card payments, so the total charge will be $416 for 2021 born foals and any age of offspring by newly enrolled for 2022 stallions or $520 (Horses age 2 and older by Stallions previously enrolled in the program).

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TL Foal Enrollment
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By Clicking submit, I agree to allow this horse and/or my image and/or likeness to be used by Tomorrow's Legends Ltd for advertising purposes as needed.  

Thank you for submitting your foal enrollment! We can't wait to watch your legend run! Once this enrollment is fully processed you will receive a receipt via email.