1. Tomorrow's Legends offers Open 4-D payouts and Futurity 2-D payouts as a sidepot to a variety of established events occurring regionally throughout the United States, Brazil, Canada and Europe.

    1. Offspring of any Enrolled Stallion may enroll in TL, no matter their country of residence. 

    2. Currently TL Payouts are scheduled for events occurring in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Italy.  However, TL will actively seek and add events in any country that provides TL participation through TL Foal Enrollments.

  2. Stallions are enrolled annually.

  3. Foals have a one-time enrollment fee, that is due March of their yearling year.

  4. Requirements for participation in the Incentive and eligibility for TL Payouts:

    1. Sire must be enrolled in the Tomorrow’s Legends Stallion Incentive for foal to be eligible for enrollment. Once enrolled, foal is eligible for life, whether or not the stallion maintains enrollment.

    2. Foal enrollment fee must be paid in full, copy of foal’s papers on file with TL office.

    3. At the event –

      1. Make sure the foal is entered with his/her registered name

      2. Designate said horse with the producer on entry as a TL enrolled foal

      3. Submit TL Event Entry Form and copy of papers with current ownership listed with entry to the producer

      4. Owner, Breeder, Stallion Owner must have current W9 on file with TL office before respective checks will be mailed.  Provided we have correct contact information, we will reach out to request this information from you as needed.

      5. International entries must have a W-8 BEN on file with TL office before payments will be released.  Again, provided the office has correct contact information, TL will attempt to request this from you as needed.


  1. TL Payout will be distributed at established events chosen by Tomorrow’s Legends.

    1. Event location and TL Payout amount is based on enrollment participation and location. (United States enrollment monies will be used for U.S. Event TL Payouts, Brazilian enrollment monies will be used for Brazilian Event TL Payouts, and so on and so forth.) ​

  2. TL Payout will be distributed as follows:

    • 40% to Owner of the enrolled foal

    • 40% to Breeder – Listed as submitter of foal enrollment 

    • 20% to Stallion Slot Owner - stallion nominator as listed on enrollment forms at time of enrollment. In the event that the Stallion is no longer currently enrolled, due to death or choosing not to renew enrollment, TL will pay the 20% due to slot ownership at last time of enrollment.

  3. TL Payout Winners will be posted on the TL website, once official results are provided to the TL office by the show producer. For the year 2021 checks will be mailed to owners, breeders, and stallion owners within 2 weeks of TL receiving the official results from show producers.   

  4. It is the responsibility of the Payout winner to provide Tomorrow’s Legends, with current address and tax information before any TL Payouts are issued.

  5. IRS Form W-9 or W-8 BEN for International entries for owners, breeders and stallion owners must be on file with the TL office in order to receive payout checks.


  1. Foal must be 4 or 5 years of age or under and not have competed in a barrel race prior to November 15th of the "futurity year". See #2 for clarification.

  2. Futurity Rules follow the event the TL Futurity Payout is offered in conjunction with.

    1. Some Events may be offered to 4 year-olds only while others may be available to both 4 and 5 year-olds.

    2. Please be aware of the rules for the event you are attending.

  3. To be eligible for Tomorrow’s Legends Futurity payout please see rule #5 under General Rules.

  4. TL Futurity Payout is a 2D Straight Pay with 1 second split.

  5. TL Futurity Payout will be paid to average or paid on finals (if average is not placed at the event subject to payout.)


  1. All Tomorrow’s Legends nominated horses are eligible for TL Payout at open events, regardless of age.

  2. To be eligible for TL Payout, refer to rule #5 under General Rules.

  3. TL Open Payout is a 4D straight pay with ½ second splits between each division.


  1. Tomorrow’s Legends reserves the right to refuse any foal enrollment, at any time, for any reason.

  2. The age of a "foal" is based on the calendar year starting January 1 of the year foaled.  Foal is a weanling during the calendar year in which foaled and a yearling during the first calendar year following its foaling year, regardless of the actual foaling date.

  3. Foals are enrolled for a one-time enrollment fee which must be received by March 15 of the foal's yearling year to avoid late fees.  **2021 EXCEPTION: 2021 is the 1st year for the TL Incentive and therefore all ages of “foals” can be enrolled for the $250 fee, Due by JULY 1st** After JULY 1st, the fee is $400 through December 31.

  4. Fee Schedule: (Example is for future years, not applicable to TL's Inaugural year 2021)

    • Fees are not due until March 15th of the foal’s “yearling year”

    • Example below for the year 2021

    • Weanlings (2021 foals) – Nothing Due   

    • Yearlings (2020 Foals) $250 - BEFORE MARCH 15

    • Yearlings (2020 Foals) $400 - AFTER MARCH 15 

    • Two Year Olds (2019 foals) $600

    • Three Year Olds (2018 foals) $1500

    • Four Year Olds  ( 2017) $2500

    • **2021 is the 1st year for the TL Incentive and therefore all ages of “foals” can be enrolled for the $250 fee, Due by JULY 1st **After JULY 1st, the fee is $400 through December 31.

  5. All enrolled foals will be listed on the Tomorrow’s Legends web site.

  6. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

  7. BREEDER PAYOUT: The ownership paying the foal enrollment fee will be recorded as the “Breeder” and eligible for all future “Breeder” payouts.  Which is 40% of the TL Payout.


  1. STALLION ENROLLMENT FEE: A Stallion Enrollment fee is due annually to maintain enrollment within the incentive.  The fee amount is $2500.  However, beginning in the second year of enrollment and for all subsequent years, The Diminishing Stallion Enrollment Fee is offered. A credit of $50 is applied to the fee for every foal enrollment received over 25.   For example in the year 2021, fifty (50) 2020 foal enrollments are received, the stallion ownership will receive a credit of $1250 (25*$50) from their 2022 enrollment fee and pay only $1250 for their 2022 enrollment fee.

  2. STALLION ENROLLMENT: A Stallion is considered “enrolled” once all conditions of enrollment have been satisfied: 

    1. A signed Stallion Enrollment form is on file with TL office 

    2. A copy of the Stallion’s Breed Registration papers are on file with TL office 

    3. The Stallion Annual Enrollment fee has been paid in full with TL office (or credited per TL rules, see Stallion Enrollment Form or see Rule #1 under Stallion Enrollments for more information.)

    4.  Stallion ownership has been provided written notification that all conditions have been met and the stallion is enrolled in Tomorrow’s Legends Stallion Incentive.

  3. OWNERSHIP: A copy of the stallion’s breed registration papers showing current ownership must be included with the Stallion Enrollment Form. Upon a change to stallion ownership of a stallion enrolled in the TL Incentive, the Stallion will maintain enrollment with TL provided the new owner(s) verify enrollment via an updated enrollment form. This rule is subject to change if the TL Incentive becomes a closed program with a fixed number of stallions enrolled and a waiting list.

  4. ENROLLMENT REJECTION: Tomorrow’s Legends reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any stallion at any time at its sole discretion. If the enrollment/renewal is refused, enrollment/renewal fees will be returned.

  5. STALLION LISTING: Tomorrow’s Legends will provide a site page within the TL website for advertising purposes.  This page will be updated once annually by the TL office, with information provided by Stallion Ownership. Information should include and is limited to: Four (4) pictures or promotional flyers, pedigree, paragraph of copy not to exceed 200 words, contact information; name, phone, email, mailing address, link to website.    

  6. PAYOUT: The TL Payout is paid as sidepots to established events, NO additional entry fee required.  Payouts have a direct correlation to enrollment and therefore are subject to change annually based upon enrollments. 

  7. SUBSTITUTION/TRANSFER: If a Stallion passes or becomes unfit for breeding prior to February 1st, the owner may substitute another stallion in his place, provided the substitution is owned by the same ownership as the originally enrolled Stallion. To utilize Ownership's right to substitute, ownership must notify the TL office within 30 days of the death or realization of breeding unsoundness. Lack of timely substitution notice will result in termination of enrollment and forfeiture of applicable fees. Except as provided herein, the rights of Stallion Enrollment are nontransferable.

  8. REMOVAL FROM THE PROGRAM: An enrolled Stallion is subject to removal from the program at any time and at the sole discretion of Tomorrow’s Legends. Notice of removal will be supplied in writing to the Stallion’s Ownership.  If a Stallion is removed for failure to comply with the Rules and principles of Tomorrow's Legends, all previously paid fees will be forfeited.

  9. If a stallion ownership removes the stallion from the TL Incentive, the stallion may not be eligible for enrollment under the same ownership.