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Links for updating contact information 

If you need to update your address, email, or phone number with us, please use the nominator or owner search to find yourself and choose "Update Info."  You will then be prompted to update via phone or email and the private link will be sent for you to use, it is good for 24 hours.  This is to be used to update contact information for an owner, nominator. THIS IS NOT TO BE USED FOR AN OWNER CHANGE! This is simply a change of address, email, phone - etc. 

Please note - Nominator and Owner in the system are separate ID's even for the same person.  So you will need to submit the update as a nominator and again as an owner.  

Vauna Glacier Chaser.jpg

If you need to update information for your horse.  Please use the link below.  This is not to be used for owner changes.  This is simply updating a name or registration number on a horse that was enrolled pending their AQHA registration.  You will need to upload a copy of the papers to submit all Horse changes/updates.  Horse updates will be reviewed prior to approval.

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